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Twisted Souls Press has moved to it’s own domain!!!

Please visit to submit going forward. Any manuscripts submitted via email after February 1st, 2023 will not be accepted.

Twisted Souls Press is moving. It now has its own domain name and a whole new website. Please visit

Works submitted via email prior to today are being reviewed and emails will be sent out to the ones that are selected in the coming days.

For new submissions, visit the new site and follow the guidelines posted there. Any submissions sent via email after today will not be accepted.

Thank you for your support and understanding! We are here to serve you the best ways we can!

Twisted Souls Press is a publishing company established by real people that embrace the darker side within us. We believe that it is an equally present and integral part of what makes all of us human. We admit that darkness can be terrifying and destructive and therefore it requires an outlet so it doesn’t eat us alive.

Dark and ugly things exist and happen in the world. Horrific, terrifying, and unknown things are experienced throughout our lives no matter what we do, and yet we push ourselves (and others) to fight against it and let only our light shine. We have spent millennia attempting to defeat, suppress, and even ignore darkness instead of accepting and even embracing it, and it has nearly destroyed all of us many times.

Labeling it evil and not just shunning but outright destroying in many cases, anyone who showed even a glimpse of acceptance of the darkness within them has made our twisted souls fearful of exposure. They suppress their darkness. Then we are shocked and taken back when the darkness spews forth from them uncontrollably. thus creating the next cycle of destruction in the war between light and darkness.

Writing dark fiction is an outlet. The ability to put into words the things that haunt us and the visions that plague us, gives us a chance to set those things aside, outside of us, for a time. To share those stories with others so the dark and ugly things they experience might be less terrifying and unknown for them gives us purpose. To help another twisted soul end the war between light and darkness within them, heals us.

The aim of Twisted Souls Press is to provide writers and readers alike with ample opportunities to discover and embrace their darker sides in whatever genre they like. Dark topics such as murder, betrayal, and abuse come in all walks of life, and therefore are present in every genre. They don’t usually “fit” the tropes required by the gatekeepers, so they are turned away and forced to find their own path.

To share the visions of things too awful to talk about and how they are, or are not in many cases (this is mostly horror we are talking about) overcome is necessary. People need to experience the presence, acceptance, and release of that darkness without having to actually walk the path alone in the dark themselves.

There is nothing more healing and light (not dark or evil) for an individual and celebrated by society than someone who has thwarted enough fears and darkness to achieve success in their lives. It’s heroic. It’s brave. It’s those stories and the people who write them that people talk about and want to be like.

In order to be successful though, we, the story writers, have to accept and experience the horrors, the trials and tribulations, the monsters and vile creatures, and defeat all of them several times over behind the scenes. No one really knows just how brutal and difficult it is.

People believe that it’s a solitary quest we go away on and either never return, or return carrying the heads of our foes high over our heads. The truth is, like in many great stories, it starts out solitary but unique and helpful characters emerge to guide and/or fight beside you all along the way. The strengths and weaknesses of everyone combine and work together as a team so that you win.

Why Twisted Souls?

We, here at Twisted Souls Press are a pre-made group of those unique and helpful characters that emerge when necessary to complete your quest.

We have traveled paths you haven’t yet taken and have knowledge of traps, secret passages, and pitfalls all along it. We have weapons and powers you have never heard of and we are more than happy to join you and fight along side you, no matter what we face. We are the bard that sings your praises after the battles are won. You are the hero of your story.

Most publishing companies don’t see themselves this way. They are in the business to make as much money as possible from as many authors as possible, for as long as possible, for their company.

We fully intend to also make as much money as possible from as many sales as possible, for as long as possible, with as many authors as possible. The difference is, we pass more of that back to the authors we work with and we do more for and with our authors than just sell their books.

As authors ourselves, we have books published inside and outside of Twisted Souls Press. We know the struggle to make ends meet, let alone exceed personally as writers and have dedicated large percentages of our royalties to Twisted Souls Press. We also have a decent sized and growing line of white label products, merchandise, and services dedicated to funding Twisted Souls Press, so the authors that we publish don’t have to.

We don’t charge any hidden fees and we don’t charge extra for any of our production or general book distribution services to our partner authors.

When we say we care more about our authors than anyone else, we mean it. We ask questions at submission all the way through production and beyond about our author’s goals and achievements, both financially and non-financially. We create and adjust our distribution and marketing plans for their books based on those goals and how they change over time.

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about writing and publishing with dark themes. We have published books via most methods and platforms and can walk you through the ins and outs and help you work out a marketing plan that works specifically for dark fiction, even if you don’t publish with us. We really are here to help.

Get in touch by calling or using the contact form below. We are waiting just on the other side!

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