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Our Authors

Twisted Souls Press has moved to it’s own domain!!!

Please visit to submit going forward. Any manuscripts submitted via email after February 1st, 2023 will not be accepted.

Our authors are not just anybody. While we don’t discriminate against genre, we invest a lot in our authors are very strict and selective when it comes to what we put out to the world. If an author is listed here here, you can rest assured the time you invest in reading them will be dark, sometimes gruesome and ugly, but always time well spent!

Christy Mann

The Reboot of Christy Mann Author is here! Re-releases, new releases, events to attend, and more!

Lyn LaStorm

Dark Erotica

A deliciously dark and satisfying series for women and more by Lyn LaStorm coming soon!

Let’s build something dark together. Get listed here!

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