Think you are ready?

If you think your piece is ready to roll then give us a holler, shout out to the world, maybe cry a little but most of all… submit your work to us and everyone else for consideration!

It can take us a while to get to and read through all of the stories submitted to us. Each story goes through a 3 step review process before we make a final decision and send an acceptance letter. As such, we recommend not waiting for a reply from us to submit your story other places. All we ask is that you notify us via email if your story gets accepted somewhere else. We will celebrate the win with you and always wish you the best of luck!

So, if you are ready, strap yourself down, hang tight to your seat, and get ready for one hell of a wild ride. Publishing is a harrowing process, but we believe in you!

Send your manuscript submission to us at Don’t forget to follow the directions on the previous page and attach all of your documents before hitting send.

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