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Twisted Anthologies

Twisted Souls Press has moved to it’s own domain!!!

Please visit to submit going forward. Any manuscripts submitted via email after February 1st, 2023 will not be accepted.

Just one of the awesome features that Twisted Souls Press brings to the world is it’s Twisted Anthologies. The authors with the press and others get together and write short dark fiction stories, with a themed twist. They will be fun and unique twists on some of your favorite classic horror tales, but also new and unique stories you have never heard before!

The anthologies will launch in March and August every year, beginning in 2021! Submission opportunities and requirements are below. Watch for submission openings in January for the first anthology in August 2022!

Twisted Anthologies Coming Up!

Twisted Ha Ha’s

August 2022

Hilarious Horror
Horror Stories with a humorous twist.

Twisted Hauntings

March 2023

Haunted Locations
Horror stories that take place in unique and un-thought-of places. Like, the beach.

Twisted Rhymes

August 2023

Cat in the Hat from the dark side.
Dark and Twisted Poetry that rhymes. Thanks Dr. Seuss!

Submission Guidelines
These fun and quirky anthology spots will fill up quickly so to secure your spot, read through the submission guidelines carefully and be certain your work meets all of the qualifications, including your query letter. The word goblins worked a deal, they would let us have the good submissions that fall within the guidelines, but they get to eat everything else!

The first thing they will look for is unprofessional and unedited query letters! If your first email to the word goblins has errors that would have been caught in a spell and grammar check, they will eat it and the rest of us will never see it!

The story itself should be written in Times New Roman 12 pt font.

Flash Fiction- 500- 4,999 words (12 stories)

Short Stories-5,000-10,000 words (10 stories) 22 stories total

Royalty payments will be divided by 25 (22 authors plus the publisher) and paid out to each author within 14 days of receipt from distributor. A break down of where the books are published and distributed with their pay schedules is available up on request.

Formatting- is being worked out between the Formatting Specialist and the word goblins. If you know goblins, you know they can be hard to reason with. When they have reached an agreement, the requirements will be posted here.

Currently, the opening for the August Anthology will open February 15th 2022 and run through May 31st of 2022 so stay tuned!

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