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Twisted Souls Press Bookstore

Twisted Souls Press has moved to it’s own domain!!!

Please visit to submit going forward. Any manuscripts submitted via email after February 1st, 2023 will not be accepted.

We’ve added a new feature. The Twisted Souls Press Bookstore.

We built the bookstore as a means to sell the books that we publish directly and have a few related items (not books) as well. It was intended to add a stream of revenue that would cover overhead and management costs so we could afford to give more per copy to the authors but still make what was needed to afford to run the business.

The added income from the bookstore sales will provide funds to cover business costs like payroll, website hosting, email services, swag production and other business related expenses. This will allow us to continue to accept a lower percentage per copy sold (15% as opposed to 20-40% with other publishers) from the authors. They did, after all, do all the heavy lifting before their story even gets to us.

As part of that process, we recently applied for and got approved for a distributorship with Ingram Spark. This means that we can now order titles, even the ones we don’t produce ourselves, directly from the Ingram Spark Catalog and list them just like any real bookstore. Things are still being set up and rolled out, but we have several titles that just need sales pages set up. If you have suggestions for titles you would like to see us carry, we are open to suggestions. Just drop us an email with Bookstore Suggestions in the subject line!

We use Printful for merchandise and now Ingram Spark Distribution for everything else, except for ebooks. Those we set up for immediate download right to your inbox from us. There is no middle man between us taking a cut, so authors make 85% of all their ebook sales from our bookstore. It’s the highest payout per copy in the industry!

We also recently expanded our payment options to include certain cryptocurrencies! If you like a product and don’t see the crypto type you would like to pay with in the list, reach out and we will see about getting that set up.

We are looking to take the entire business onto the block chain soon. We are looking for suppliers, printers, and service providers that have interest in joining a blockchain network to work with us. Send us an email with “Blockchain” in the subject line.

We look forward to serving you in so many ways. Let’s Build Something Together!

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